Will Contest, Fraud, Undue Influence (Mitchell v. Campbell)

Mitchell v. Campbell

In the Probate Court of Madison County, Alabama, In Re: The Estate of Aline Bullard, Probate Case No.: 54928, In the Circuit Court of Madison County, 47-CV-2010-1505.

(Will Contest based upon fraud, lack of capacity, undue influence.)

89 year old Aline Bullard had a stroke and was being treated for dementia. She was a healthy widow and had no children. Her conservator Bill Mitchell had a durable power of attorney and rewrote the will leaving all to the Campbells she would not have to go to the nursing home. Mitchell filed a petition for a conservatorship. During the pending of it, Campbell had her execute a new will leaving all to the Campbells. Mitchell contested this will. After several hearings, the parties reached a settlement, which had confidentiality provisions.