Automobile Negligence (Garland Dwight Cambell v. Johnson)

Garland Dwight Campbell v. Johnson

In the Circuit Court of Limestone County, Alabama, 44-CV-2014-900219 (auto negligence)

28 year old Mr. Campbell was paralyzed in a car wreck in Athens. He hired a billboard lawyer who got the liability insurance company to offer its limits of $100,000.00. The billboard lawyer told Mr. Campbell that he should settle for the $100,000.00 but he would get only a couple of thousand dollars because the lawyer would take his 40% fee and the hospital would get most of the rest. Mr. Campbell hired Brinkley & Brinkley who settled the case for more money against the tortfeasor and who negotiated with the healthcare providers so that Mr. Campbell almost $50,000.00, almost 25 times more than the billboard lawyer had proposed. This case shows what an experienced trial attorney can do for an injured Plaintiff as opposed to billboard lawyers.